📃 rsstodolist

rsstodolist is an URL oriented to-read-list based on an RSS XML feed. Typical use case is to save web pages to read later on a RSS feed.

💻 Self-hosting for more privacy & reliability

That service is public and « open », meaning anyone knowing your feed name may see your items, add or remove them.

Also, that service is hosted via hobby plan on fly.io with some limitations.

So, for more reliability and privacy, I strongly suggest you to self-host that application (see related projects below).

➕ Add an URL to your feed

1. By using that form :


⚠️ On public instance, « somename » feed is limited to wikipedia pages to limit spam.

2. By calling an URL :


3. By using that bookmarklet :

Create a new bookmarklet and paste the following code in the URL field : javascript:var rss=prompt('RSS feed name ?');var r=new XMLHttpRequest();r.open('GET','https://rsstodolist.eu/add?n='+rss+'&url='+encodeURIComponent(window.location),true);r.setRequestHeader('Content-Type','text/plain;charset=UTF-8');r.onreadystatechange=function(){if(r.readyState==4){alert("Request sent : "+(r.status===200)+" ("+r.status+")");}};r.send(null); Then, clicking on that bookmark will add current page to the RSS feed.

4. By using an extension :

A Firefox addon and Chrome extension are available. It will use public instance by default but you can configure your self-host instance in options.

📃 Get your feed :

https://rsstodolist.eu/?name=somename or https://rsstodolist.eu/?n=somename

➖ Remove an URL from your feed

By calling an URL :


❓ Feedback

Please contact me via paulgreg.me.